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Affiliated Investors

Affilaited Investors

As an Affiliated Investor with ACG you will have access to fund deals for professional operators in the real estate industry. These professionals employ numerous individuals and keep our economy running. At ACG we ensure that our member eligible for loans are hiring American and buying American.  As much as this is an investment to make a return, it’s an investment in America for America.  Face it, today you have numerous choices how to invest your money, but at ACG we make sure money is coming off of Wall Street and on to Main Street.


Many professionals and high net worth individuals understand that real estate is the path to true generational wealth. Some have investments but more recently they lack to time, energy and resources to acquire manage and stabilize assets to build a positive, safe return.  At ACG we cater to professionals in this space. We understand the conundrum and this is why we established a debt fund. Leave the details to the professionals so you can concentrate on your practice or profession and still reap the rewards of real estate and asset backed investments. 


Start taking back your time and eliminate the responsibilities of another business. Spend time where it really matters - with your family. Understand that you have a team behind you that cares about your investment, as if it were their own. Understand that you have a team that knows the market better than most and has risk management measures in place to keep you making money, year over year. Welcome to the “Affiliated” family!


Also know that your dollars are working for the people in your community and not for some Wall Street banker. We put American money to work for Americans and we do so in a way that is transparent. Whether you are a seasoned professional who has spent years mastering his craft or you are a new professional thinking there has to be a better way to gain financial freedom, we have the solution. 

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