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"Enjoy the benefits of passive cash flow without being a landlord and without dealing with tenants"

Invest with Us

If you’re tired of the volatility of Wall Street, sick of the “traditional” retirement plans (401k's & 403b's) and are ready to create passive cash flow, secured by real estate, then you are in the right place. 


Whether you are a seasoned professional who has spent years mastering his craft or you are a new professional thinking there has to be a better way to gain financial freedom, we have the solution.


Becoming an affiliated member means you can invest in real estate without searching for properties, dealing with realtors, organizing construction teams and communicating with property managers.  Real Estate investment doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoy the benefits of passive cash flow without being a landlord and without dealing with tenants. 

Stop the Madness!

1. Stop the hustle and grind and start to attract and allow

2. Stop listing to Novices and let the experts do the heavy lifting

3. Stop trying DIY options and start letting your money, make money

4. Stop trading time for money and start getting your time back

5. Stop worrying about volatile markets and start getting checks

Our goal is to protect your investment. We have systems and safeguards in place to ensure projects stay on track, get completed and get repaid. 

1. Every deal is underwritten by lenders that understand real estate

2. Every deal is analyzed by seasoned in-house operators that have real world experience in real estate

3. Every borrower is vetted and involved with the Affiliated Capital Partner network

4. Every  deal is structered with safe guards allowing ACG to step in on a consultancy basis if the deal starts to underperform

5. Every deal can be taken over by ACG if perfmornace milestones are not met


Tall Buildings

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If youre ready to learn more about how you can create passive cashflow secured by real assets click beow




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- Gordon Smith, Chief Cardialogist, The Christ Hospital
“In the profession we are in its impossible to gather the time to invest in real estate. ACG has given me the power to create passive returns by investing in people that do Real Estate. It just makes sense" 
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