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Our Lending Fund is a real estate-backed fund that underwrites and originates first position loans to professional real estate investors. We provide capital to seasoned multifamily operators and new construction builders that create low income and work force housing throughout the Unites States.
Our goal is to lend to top-tier real estate professionals throughout our membership network so they can scale their business and have a positive impact on communities in which they operate. We create growth on Main Street, not Wall Street!
The professionals to which we lend employ the men and women that build our nation and create housing where families can live and grow.  Stop placing your money with Wall Street and start p
utting your money to work where is helps working Americans and supports the middle class. 

Learn what we Invest in, how we do it and why we do it. Find out how investing in a debt fund can be more secure and less volatile than traditional equity investments and how you can directly help create a strong economy, nationwide.
Type 01
Multi Family Debt
Type 02
New Construction Debt
Type 03
Senior Housing Debt
Type 04
Fix N Flip Funding
Type 05
Portfolio Funding
Type 06
Angel Lender








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